The Story So Far

The story of Good Enough Garage.

Have you ever thought that there’s got to be more to life?

Or that life’s too short.

Well, that’s where I find myself.


This is the story of a little company trying to create something different and interesting.

As I started getting a bit older I found myself burdened by the stress and the strain of this hamster on a wheel, running but never reaching anything life. Thus, I started having problems sleeping. One night while stumbling around like a zombie somewhere in the daze between asleep and awake. I thought it’s about time I did something about the ugly walls in my garage.

You see as an amateur mechanic (I’m preserving my amateur status for the Olympics) and owner of an older car, I have spent my fair share of time in the garage. I bought a nice shade of blue paint, and over a weekend proceeded to paint the ugly white walls of my garage.

Not content with the walls now a nice clean shade of blue. I sometime during the weekend decided to paint a car mural on the wall. Once I was done I thought to myself Mmmmmm…. I wonder how this will look on canvas.

At night when my family was sleeping I found myself painting, and one painting turned into the next. And you can guess what thoughts were starting to take shape in my sleep deprived little head…

I mentioned my plans for world domination or doing something a bit different, you decide. To a couple of friends. One mentioned why not put the designs on T-Shirts as well. And then the light bulb moment happened.

So here we find ourselves…….

A little about the company and what we stand for.

Our company name. As an amateur mechanic and artist, you generally do something to the level when you think to yourself. Yea, that’s “good enough”. And "garage" because that's where it all started. Thus, Good Enough Garage...

We believe in quality, value for money and good customers service. That is what you as our customer will receive.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Kick off your shoes, relax and have a look around. And feel free to contact us using the information provided.



The Good Enough Garage Crew

The tall one: Nico (The monkey holding the brush).

The shorter one: Mei-lene (Business consultant - The brains and looks of the operation).

The shortest one: Mia (Creative Director - The heart of the operation).